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Copenhagen Consensus Priority Proposals

Published December 1, 2004  | December 2004 issue

Rank  Problem   
Very good  1 Diseases Control of HIV/AIDS
   2 Malnutrition Providing micronutrients
   3 Subsidies and Trade Trade liberalization
   4 Diseases Control of malaria
Good  5 Malnutrition Development of new agricultural technologies
   6 Sanitation and water Small-scale water technology for livelihoods
   7 Sanitation and water Community-managed water supply and sanitation
   8 Sanitation and water Research on water productivity in food production
   9 Government Lowering the cost of starting a new business
Fair 10 Migration Lowering barriers to migration for skilled workers
  11 Malnutrition Improving infant and child nutrition
  12 Malnutrition Reducing the prevalence of low birth weight
  13 Diseases Scaled-up basic health services
Bad 14 Migration Guest-worker programs for the unskilled
  15 Climate "Optimal" carbon tax
  16 Climate The Kyoto protocol
  17 Climate Value-at-risk carbon tax

Source: Copenhagen Consensus

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