Institute Working Papers

The Institute Working Papers series showcases the ongoing research of scholars at the Institute on issues related to economic opportunity and inclusive growth. These working papers are preliminary versions that are being shared in a timely manner to a broad research community, with the aim of promoting scholarly debate and soliciting constructive feedback.


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Institute Working Paper 2 | September 26, 2017

Emigration during the French Revolution: Consequences in the Short and Longue Durée

Raphaël Franck | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Stelios Michalopoulos | Visiting Scholar, Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute and Brown University

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Institute Working Paper 1 | August 10, 2017

Human Capital and Development Accounting: New Evidence from Wage Gains at Migration

Lutz Hendricks | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Todd Schoellman | Visiting Scholar, Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute

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