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Do you want to know what the Federal Reserve Bank does? Are you passionate about reducing economic inequality? Or are you curious about monetary policy? If so, book a Fed expert to speak to your group and share insights on these and many other related topics. We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with civic groups, nonprofits, academic institutions, businesses, and professional and trade associations in the Ninth District.

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Photo of Guy Berg

Vice President

Guy Berg

Guy Berg is a vice president of the Payments, Standards, and Outreach Group. He leads Bank initiatives supporting improvement of the U.S. payments systems, including B2B payment efficiency and payment security. His group also performs payment fraud mitigation and emerging payment technology research, including Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Topics: Payments, risk, and FinTech

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Photo of Duane Carter

Senior Vice President

Duane Carter

Dr. Carter is a senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. As a member of the Bank’s executive team, his focus includes the key facets of operations, customer contact centers and Central Bank services. He also leads the Learning Management and Support Office for all 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the nation. Dr. Carter began his vocation in retail banking and advanced his career at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank in 1990 as an account manager in Business Development. He was promoted to assistant vice president in 1998 and then vice president in 2001. In 2005, he was promoted to senior vice president. With more than 20 years of multifunctional leadership experience, Dr. Carter has a proven record of talent management, employee relations and organization effectiveness with emphasis on engagement and innovation. He is an effective advocate in the creation of organizational development and learning programs, high performing teams, and building collaborative partnerships. Dr. Carter holds both a Doctor of Education in Organization Development, an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, and a bachelor’s degree in agriculture business from the University of Minnesota. He is currently an adjunct professor in the College of Management at Metropolitan State University. Dr. Carter also serves on the board of directors for Northwest Area Foundation and Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Topics: Change management | Customer experience | Operational excellence

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Photo of Ron J. Feldman

First Vice President

Ron J. Feldman

Ron Feldman is the first vice president and chief operating officer. In this role, he is responsible for all operational facets of the Bank’s activities and for backup to the president in the execution of his monetary policy responsibilities.

Topics: Ending Too Big to Fail | Bank regulation and oversight | Monetary policy

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Photo of Terry J. Fitzgerald

Senior Economist and Vice President

Terry J. Fitzgerald

Terry J. Fitzgerald is a vice president and senior economist in the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He leads the Economic Analysis Group, which conducts policy-oriented research and produces a wide range of economic and policy analysis for senior bank management, the board of directors, the Federal Reserve System, and the public. Terry also coordinates policy activities across the Research Division, including support for FOMC briefings, presidential speeches and essays, and other initiatives.

Topics: Monetary policy | National economy | Economic inequality and opportunity | The Federal Reserve

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Photo of Christine Gaffney

Senior Vice President

Christine Gaffney

Christine Gaffney is a senior vice president for Supervision, Regulation, and Credit. She oversees the consumer and safety and soundness supervision of state member banks and bank holding companies in the Ninth District. She is also responsible for the Bank’s lending to Ninth District depository institutions and for managing the resulting credit risk.

Topics: Bank regulation and oversight

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Photo of Michael Garrett

Senior Vice President

Michael Garrett

Michael Garrett was named senior vice president with responsibility for Human Resources and Inclusion in October 2017. Michael joined the Bank in 1988 and served in a variety of roles, including vice president over Human Resources, Law Enforcement and Facilities. He also previously led various electronic payments efforts.

Topics: Economic inequality and opportunity

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Photo of Michael Grover

Assistant Vice President, Community Development

Michael Grover

Michael Grover is an Assistant Vice President and the Community Affairs Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He leads the Minneapolis Fed’s efforts to promote the economic resilience and mobility of low- to moderate-income individuals and communities across the Ninth Federal Reserve District. Grover joined the Bank in August 2003 as a community development researcher after spending several years as a labor market analyst for the State of Minnesota’s Health and Employment and Economic Development departments. He has conducted research and published articles on affordable housing, community development corporations, homeownership disparities, and foreclosure patterns and mitigation efforts. Grover is currently on the board of HousingLink, an affordable rental housing intermediary that serves the Twin Cities. He holds a Ph.D. in urban studies from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

Topics: Community and economic development | Economic inequality and opportunity | The Federal Reserve

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Photo of Rob Grunewald


Rob Grunewald

Rob Grunewald conducts research on regional economic and community development issues. He writes articles for the fedgazette, a Bank online publication, including articles on the economic and community impact of rapid energy development in the Bakken shale areas of North Dakota and Montana.

Topics: Education and early childhood development | Community and economic development

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Photo of Neel Kashkari


Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari took office as president and chief executive officer on January 1, 2016. In this role, he serves on the Federal Open Market Committee, bringing the Fed’s Ninth District’s perspective to monetary policy discussions in Washington. In addition to his responsibilities as a monetary policymaker, Kashkari oversees all operations of the bank, including supervision and regulation, and payments services. He serves on the boards of the Economic Club of Minnesota and the Twin Cities PBS (TPT) President’s Council.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Monetary policy | Economic inequality and opportunity | Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute

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Photo of Patrice Kunesh

Assistant Vice President and Director of the Center for Indian Country Development

Patrice Kunesh

Patrice Kunesh joined the Bank in July 2015 as an assistant vice president and director of the Center for Indian Country Development. Kunesh, who is of Standing Rock Lakota descent, has extensive experience representing American Indian tribes in legal matters and economic development.

Topics: Center for Indian Country Development | Community and economic development | Economic inequality and opportunity

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Photo of Matt Larson

Senior Vice President

Matt Larson

Matt Larson is a senior vice president of Information Technology and Risk. In this role, he has responsibility for Ninth District Information Technology, Enterprise Risk, and the Data Privacy function. He oversees the Federal Reserve System National IT functions of Program Assurance and End User Services assigned to the Minneapolis Fed. He assumed this role on January 1, 2018. Throughout his career, Larson has led numerous Federal Reserve System strategic planning and IT financial management committees that have instituted significant change in IT management disciplines and practices throughout the System.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Risk management | Payments, risk, and FinTech

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Photo of Joe Mahon

Director, Regional Outreach

Joe Mahon

Joe Mahon is a regional outreach director. Prior to that, he served as a regional economist and as a staff writer and analyst for Bank publications The Region and fedgazette. Mahon’s primary responsibilities involve tracking several sectors of the Ninth District economy—an area that covers Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana, and portions of Wisconsin and Michigan—for the Fed. Sectors he follows closely include agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and mining. He holds degrees in economics and journalism from the University of Minnesota.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Regional economy | National economy

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Photo of LuAnne Kinney Pederson

AVP, Assistant General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

LuAnne Kinney Pederson

LuAnne is the Assistant Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and Ethics Counsel in the Law Department, responsible for daily management of the Law Department. Her primary areas of practice are employment law and ethics, but she also provides advice on a wide variety of legal issues. In addition to her responsibilities in the Law Department, she serves as the Bank’s Corporate Secretary with responsibility for supporting the Bank’s board of directors and ensuring proper corporate governance of the Bank. LuAnne received her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell Hamline) and her undergraduate degree from the College of St. Benedict. She resides in Roseville with her husband and three boys and volunteers for a number of community organizations in Roseville and the broader Twin Cities. 

Topics: The Federal Reserve

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Photo of Steve Powell

Manager, Supervision, Regulation & Credit

Steve Powell

Steve Powell is the regulatory applications manager in the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, where he oversees the analysis and processing of applications, notices, and other requests filed by financial institutions and individuals. Prior to joining the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit department, Steve worked as a senior attorney in the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Law Department. Steve’s legal work focused on banking supervision and regulation, secured lending, credit and payment system risk, and intellectual property. Steve also teaches contract drafting as an adjunct law professor at the University of Minnesota Law school. He received his J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School, and studied economics and math at St. John’s University.

Topics: The Federal Reserve

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Photo of Richard M. Todd

Vice President and Advisor to the CICD

Richard M. Todd

Richard Todd joined the Bank as a research economist in 1980. He has served as an officer in the Bank’s discount window, payments system risk, banking supervision, and information technology functions and is currently a vice president with responsibilities in Community Development and with the Center for Indian Country Development. He has published articles on homeownership and foreclosures, poverty, financial education, monetary policy, business cycles, financial regulation, payments systems, forecasting, and seasonality and currently studies economic development on American Indian reservations.

Topics: Center for Indian Country Development | Community and economic development | Economic inequality and opportunity | Education and early childhood development

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Photo of Niel Willardson

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Niel Willardson

Niel Willardson, senior vice president and general counsel, oversees the Financial Management Group; the Payments, Standards and Outreach Group; the Corporate Secretary’s Office; and Law. Niel has been with the Bank since 1990 and has worked in several leadership positions in the Bank, serving as department officer in Human Resources and managing officer in Banking Supervision. In 2000, he joined the Bank’s senior management team and served as senior vice president over Supervision, Regulation and Credit for eight years. He also served as Corporate Secretary from 2009 to 2017. Niel was named general counsel in 2005. In addition to Reserve Bank responsibilities, Niel serves as an adjunct law professor at the University of Minnesota law school and was the inaugural recipient of the Stanley V. Kinyon Adjunct Teacher of the Year Award. Niel received his bachelor’s degree from South Dakota State University and his J.D. from the University of Minnesota.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Community and economic development | Economic inequality and opportunity

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Photo of Ronald A. Wirtz

Director, Regional Outreach

Ronald A. Wirtz

Ron Wirtz is a regional outreach director. His primary responsibilities involve tracking current business conditions, with a focus on employment and wages, along with sector tracking in construction, real estate, consumer spending, and tourism. In this role, He networks with local businesses in a six-state region, both in person and via various communication channels, and gathers other traditional and nontraditional sources of information to assess current business activity. Wirtz also gives customized speeches on regional economic activity and handles advance planning for regular outreach trips to Ninth District communities by Bank President Neel Kashkari. Prior to this role, Wirtz was the long-time editor of the fedgazette, the Bank’s regional business and economics publication, where he conducted research on such topics as employment trends, health care pricing and consolidation, housing, entrepreneurship, public pensions, income mobility, and the Bakken oil boom, among other topics.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Regional economy | Community and economic development

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Photo of Mark L. J. Wright

Senior Vice President and Director of Research

Mark L. J. Wright

Mark L. J. Wright is a senior vice president and director of Research. In this role, he oversees key research efforts and advises the Bank’s president on monetary policy and related matters. Prior to coming to Minneapolis, Wright was a senior economist and research adviser in the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Topics: The Federal Reserve | Monetary policy | Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute | Economic inequality and opportunity

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