Diversity & Inclusion

The Minneapolis Fed is committed to developing a diverse workforce and providing an inclusive environment where all employees are respected and valued. We believe that we can foster development opportunities for all and reach our full potential by recognizing the unique experiences and identities of each of our colleagues. From economists to cash specialists, we work together to represent you in our economy!

Our stories

Meet some of the people who make the Minneapolis Fed.

Jamie: A career ladder

Jamie has been able to grow professionally throughout her 8 years at the Minneapolis Fed.

Donna Nguyen

Donna: Living a dream

Donna is grateful to have found a job in law enforcement at such a diverse organization.

Scott Thomas-Forss

Scott: Committed to diversity

Scott has been able to see and contribute to the Fed’s increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

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Our workforce diversity

Job Categories % Women % Minority
Executive/Senior Mgrs 22% 44%
First/Mid-level Mgrs 49% 14%
Professionals 54% 24%
Technicians 25% 17%
Sales Workers 25% 0%
Administrative Support 72% 28%
Craft Workers 0% 13%
Operatives 50% 35%
Service Workers 12% 22%
Total 52% 23%

Data as of 12/31/2017. Read more and see the full data set

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Our commitment in action

Employee Groups

Be a part of our employee-led groups open to all and formed around common backgrounds and experiences.

Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

The Minneapolis Fed is an equal opportunity employer, and the Bank’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) is charged with ensuring inclusion of minorities, women, and minority-owned and women-owned businesses in all the Bank’s activities.

Community Involvement

We strive to be active members of our community, by serving as volunteers, mentors, and educators.

Our Leadership Team

Senior management leads the way through mentorship and by welcoming feedback.

Supplier Diversity

We are committed to fostering business relationships with minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses.