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The following reference materials will guide you to books and magazine articles on economic thinking for the Great Depression and Web sites relating to the Great Depression.

Recent Finds

The Congressional Budget Office publishes a ten-year economic forecast. At the home page click on Studies and Reports, then Economic and Budget Projections.

Fettig, David. "Something Unanticipated Happened: Telling some "neo" stories about the Great Depressions of the 1930s." The Region. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. December 2000.


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Magazine Articles

Cole, Harold E. and Ohanian, Lee E. "The Great Depression from a Neoclassical Perspective." Quarterly Review. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Winter 1999, Vol. 23, No.1.

Feldman, Ron J. and Rolnick, Arthur J. "1997 Annual Report Essay: Fixing FDICIA: A Plan to Address the Too-Big-To-Fail Problem." The Region. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. March 1998.

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Web Resources

Abstracts in Economic History—Features research papers written about the Great Depression.

America's Great Depression-Links Includes index of numerous Great Depression sites

America's Great Depression Timeline
Comprehensive timeline on the Great Depression with very good links to other sites.

The Great Depression and the New Deal
Features definitions of Great Depression terms, causes, problems, philosophies, and actions taken by both Hoover and Roosevelt.

The Great Depression: Its Causes and Cure
Site includes timelines and reviews of economic policy during the Great Depression.