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Some Monetary Facts, Quarterly Review, Summer 1995

The Federal Reserve's Contribution to Sustained Growth,
Gary H. Stern Speech, June 4, 1997

The Growth Effects of Monetary Policy, Quarterly Review, Fall 1995

Where is the Inflation?, The Region, September 1994

Another Attempt to Quantify the Benefits of Reducing Inflation, Quarterly Review, Fall 1994

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Economic Growth in East Asia

Economic Growth Resources

Fed In Print: Access to Federal Reserve Publications on Economics

Monetary Policy and Real Economic Growth

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Magazine Articles

*Economic data for several countries is located in the back pages of The Economist.

"Balancing Act" [foreign investment's effect on national trade flow],
The Economist
, January 4, 1997, page 71.

Becker, Gary S. "Even China Will Find That Freedom Boosts Growth" [economic and social freedom], Business Week, December 16, 1996, page 24.

"Beware of squirrels" [foreign-exchange reserves as a measure of wealth],
The Economist
, January 11, 1997, page 65.

"Chopping and changing" [hours per week and productivity],
The Economist
, May 17, 1997, page 83.

"Education and the wealth of nations," The Economist, March 29, 1997, page 15.

"Emerging Africa" [economic aid], The Economist, June 14, 1997, page 13.

Fischer, Stanley. "Maintaining Price Stability," The Region, June 1997, page 5.

"Ill health all around in Ukraine" [effect of incompetent government on economy], The Economist, June 28, 1997, page 72.

"Is it for real?" [Brazilian economic reform], The Economist, May 17, 1997, page 38.

"it's the government, stupid" [government's role in fostering growth],
The Economist
, June 28, 1997, page 71.

Koretz, Gene. "Uh-Oh, Warm Water" [El Nino's effect on economies],
Business Week
, July 21, 1997, page 22.

Mandel, Michael J. "Congratulations! Your Capital Stock Is Up"
[tools of production as a measure of wealth], Business Week, June 9, 1997, page 70.

Miller, Matthew. "Sorry, Alan, wrong number" [monetary policy],
U.S. News & World Report
, May 26, 1997, page 49.

Miller, Preston J. and James A. Schmitz. "Breaking Down the Barriers to Technological Progress," The Region, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1996 Annual Report.

"Next: AMU?" [advantages of common currency], The Economist, March 8, 1997, page 82.

"Playing godmother to invention" [technology advancement funded by state], The Economist, May 24, 1997, page 76.

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The Region, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1995 Annual Report

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"The joys of living in sync" [a world economy grows together, falters together],
The Economist
, January 4, 1997, page 67.

"The Unkind Child" [El Nino's effect on Peru's economy], The Economist, July 19, 1997, page 70.

"The whine of success" [currency strength matters most to politicians],
The Economist
, April 26, 1997, page 69.

"Two tales of trade" [trade's ineffectiveness on labor wages],
The Economist
, July 19, 1997, page 68.

"We are all fine-tuners now" [monetary policy], The Economist, May 17, 1997, page 81.

"Who's top?" [education quality by country], The Economist, March 29, 1997, page 21.

Technical Journals

Barro, Robert J. and Jong-Wha Lee. 1994. "Sources Of Economic Growth."
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 40
(June). Page 1.

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Economic Policy
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Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics

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News Articles

The Wall Street Journal's international section covers economies of several countries.

Bonte-Friedheim, Robert. "Hungary's Sacrifices Begin to Pay Off: Post-Communist Economy Is Showing Steady Gains." The Wall Street Journal, July 16, 1997, A17.

"Business investment supports economic growth." StarTribune, July 8, 1997, D4.

"New Yardstick for Global Banks." The New York Times, July 28, 1997, A12.


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